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This service is for women in the High Wycombe, Chiltern and South Bucks districts of Buckinghamshire who are currently experiencing domestic violence or who have experienced it in the past and are still dealing with its effects.

How much does it cost?

Wycombe Women’s Aid counselling service is free

What is counselling?

Wycombe Women’s Aid counselling is where two women (counsellor and client) meet in a private, safe and confidential setting to explore what has been happening or happened a while ago.  Together, they will talk freely to explore and understand thoughts and feelings.  The counsellor will support the client to develop the resources needed to make changes that are right for her and her family.

“I now understand that I have been in an abusive marriage for 35 years and that I have created distorted norms that have allowed the abuse and have eroded my self esteem, worth and respect.
In my short time receiving the support here it has quite simply changed my life and helped me hugely to move on and begin with confidence and positive hope the next stage of my life”

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Why counselling?

Domestic violence can result in intense feelings of fear, stress, anxiety, despair, grief, isolation and confusion.  When we live with domestic violence on a day-to-day basis it wears away our confidence and self-esteem and can leave us feeling ashamed and confused.  These are NORMAL feelings but sometimes we may find it difficult to express how we really feel to people close to us.  It is at these times that counselling may be useful to explore these feelings.

Women can stop or postpone counselling at any time.  Even if sessions have been agreed, Wycombe Women’s Aid understands that situations and feelings can change.  The choice will always remain with the woman.  This will not stop women from accessing the service at any time in the future.

The counsellor will not tell women what to do – she is there to support women during a difficult time and give information when needed.

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About our Counsellors

Our counsellors (both female) are qualified and highly experienced in dealing with a wide range of issues.  They operate within the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Ethical Framework for Good Practice and within Wycombe Women’s Aid policies and procedures.


Referrals will be accepted from individuals and statutory or voluntary agencies.  For agency referrals, the counsellor will always insist on speaking to the woman herself to confirm her request for support.  To make a referral please contact Denise (Counsellor) on 07890 456907 or use our contact us page.

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“I cannot thank WWA enough for what they have done. WWA saved my life and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. I have had so much help and support and I know that the door is always open for me”

“You’ve been the light in my darkness
And you’ve soothed my soul
To leave you now’s unbearable
But I know we’ve reached the goal

You’ve heard my rants and ramblings
You’ve listened through my tears
You’ve never judged or blamed me
And you’ve helped me face my fears

Thank you for all you’ve given me
A life that’s free and clear
You’ve been my guardian angel
And I’ll always feel you near

You’re a very special lady
You’ll be forever in my heart
I’ll miss your gentle, smiling face
But I know it’s time to part

With much love”      

Written by a Counselling client

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