The Women on Wednesday (WOW) group has created a petition regarding the rights of abusive partners to have visitation with their children.  Details of the petition are below, including the relevant link.

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

My petition:
Review the right of an abusive partner to have visitation with their children.

We want to remove the right of a proven abusive partner, (mentally or physically abusive), to have visitation with their children to stop them being able to abuse minors mentally, physically and emotionally, using them as weapons or as blackmail to control the ex partner.

Adults have the right to remove themselves from an abusive relationship, why are our children then forced to have contact with the abuser? Surely this is endangering our children & condoning child abuse? By allowing this forced contact, we are educating our children that this is normal behaviour, justified and acceptable, and the abusive cycle continues into their adulthood, the abused becomes the abuser. 

The emotional damage can take years to fix, if at all, by use of counselling or medication.
Thanks for your support!

Kind Regards


WOW team