We are encouraging as many people as possible to complete a very short, online survey from Bucks County Council as there is a specific question in relation to domestic violence.

The Safer Bucks Plan is Buckinghamshire County Council’s response to their statutory duty to produce a Community Safety Agreement. This should identify what the Council’s priorities are and how they will work to address them.

This document must be evidence based. The Council looks at a minimum of one year of crime and disorder data and information and looks at trends, emerging areas, changing nature of crime etc. This evidence base is called the Partnership Strategic Assessment and is carefully written over approximately 3 months, culminating in a detailed analysis document looking at victims, offenders and locations of crime.

Obtaining views and feedback is crucial to this process, therefore please use this link below to answer a very short online survey about the proposed crime & disorder priorities for next year. The survey is open for one month and will close on 17th January 2016. Information received from the survey will be analysed and summarised before making final decisions on the priorities at the end of January.

The survey can be found here: https://www.research.net/r/saferbucksplan1617

If you are able to further send the link out to your networks, that will help Bucks County Council to broaden the reach of the consultation.

Thank you.