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In the past 3 years, Wycombe Women’s Aid has directly supported over 3,000 women, 260 children and 130 young people affected by domestic violence.  Our work enables women to leave behind the danger and trauma of living with domestic violence and establish safe and healthy lives for themselves and their children.

Could their courage and motivation inspire you to

make a difference?

Help us to raise funds

Wycombe Women’s Aid would not be able to carry out the work that it does without valuable and on-going financial support from individuals, groups and organisations within the local community.  Your generosity and commitment will help to improve the lives of local women and children experiencing domestic violence.

We have a number of different ways that you can help us to raise funds to cover our operations. Please follow the link below to learn more.

Read about Fundraising

Help us to support others

Wycombe Women’s Aid believes that volunteers, with their varied skills, compliment the work of the employees and enrich and extend the services offered by the organisation.  Volunteering for Wycombe Women’s Aid offers women in the community the opportunity to be involved in services for women who have experienced domestic violence – this not only benefits the organisation but also benefits the community and the volunteer.

To learn more about volunteering to help Wycombe Women’s Aid please follow the link below.

Read about Volunteering

Join us as a Trustee

Who are the Trustees?

The Management Committee is made up of a small group of dedicated and passionate women who all have expertise in essential areas, for example legal, housing, business and human resources.

What do the Trustees do?

The Committee has overall responsibility for the organisation and its main responsibilities are:

  • To oversee the strategic direction of services
  • To undertake the responsibilities of the employer
  • To ensure probity and good governance
  • To ensure that the services are of a high standard

What skills do Trustees need to have?

A Trustee will:

  • Have a commitment to campaigning against domestic abuse and for the right of women and children to live and enjoy their lives in a safe environment
  • Want to be involved in a service for women, which deals with the effects of domestic abuse
  • Have a range of skills to bring to the organisation
  • Be able to attend meetings on a monthly basis
  • Be willing to learn about the organisation and attend training and other events to maintain this knowledge
  • Have the ability to work as part of a team
  • Have the ability to learn from others as well as share one’s own skills
  • Be confident and clear and capable of expressing an opinion
  • Be able to listen to debate and adhere to a decision even when one may disagree with the outcome


To express interest in joining us as a Trustee, please use our Contact Us form to send us a message.

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